Jon(ny) "Cash" Hiroshi

Expert Ex-Military Sniper


Agility d12 | Strength d4 | Vitality d6 | Alertness d8 | Intelligence d8 | Willpower d10

Maximum Life Points 16
Initiative d12 + d8(12 if sight related)

Assets: Cortex Specter(minor) +8 Difficulty to find information on him, Sharp Sense(sight) +2 step to Alertness for sight-based rolls, Talented(minor) (Guns – Sniper Rifle) +2 step bonus

Complications: Stingy, Lightweight -2 step to Vitality to resist alcohol, diseases, environment, or poison, Slow Learner (Linguist), Deadly Enemy (bounty hunter – knife assassin), Credo(major) always gets the job done / does not take jobs that offend his morals


  • Covert d6
    • Infiltration d10
    • Camouflage d10
    • Stealth d10
  • Discipline d6
  • Guns d6
    • Sniper Rifle d12 + d4 (d8) (from Talented – sniper rifle)
    • Pistols d8
  • Perception d6
    • Sight d10
  • Performance d2
  • Technical Engineering d6
    • Demolitions d10
    • Electronics d8
  • Unarmed Combat d6
    • Jiu Jitsu d8


  • Commando CM 86 – Covert Ops Sniper Rifle
    d10W; 1000ft; 3(20); 15 lb
    Built-in Silencer/Flash Suppressor
  • PK12 Peacekeeper – Large Capacity Clip Pistol
    d6W; 100ft; 3(12); 2.5 lb
  • Colt .45 DX – High Gauge Clip Pistol
    d6W; 100ft; 3(6); 2 lb
    6 silencers (15 shots each)
  • Combat Knife
    d4W; 1 lb
  • ChemPlast(CP-HE) Charge (4) 3d12 W; 5 ft; 1 lb per
  • Fragmentation Grenades (10) 5d6 W; 15 ft; 1 lb per
  • Chameleon Suit – +2 step bonus to Covert to hide; 1W
  • Ballistic Mesh – 1W; against bullets, converts 8W to Stun (or Shock) (only covers torso)
  • Gun-Cleaning Kit
  • Tool Set, Electronic
  • CAD Board
  • Night Vision Goggles (medium quality)
  • Lock Picks, Mechanical
  • Locks Picks, Electronic
  • Compack, Long Range

Money 1500 credits

Plot Points 8 | Advancement Points 37

5’5”, 120 lbs, Blood Type B-


Jon Hiroshi was one of the many from Shadow who volunteered to fight in the Unification War for the Independents. In basic training, it quickly became clear he was a natural sniper and he was immediately transferred to covert ops for extensive training. For two years, he was trained in infiltration, sniping, demolitions, and unarmed combat. In the covert ops school, he was nicknamed Jonny Cash, not for the singer (Jon can’t hold a tune for his life), but because of his legendary thriftiness. The famous joke was that if you threw him out an airlock, he would keep bargaining your price for a vac suit down.

Once he completed the training, he was given numerous assignments (targets) for the next three years of the war. Most were accomplished alone, or working with one other operator. All were completed successfully. After the battle of Serenity Valley, he deleted every record of himself he could locate. He figured that otherwise the Alliance would track him down and never let him go free because of his fairly unique skills.

For the past seven years since the war ended, he has been living below the radar working as a highly paid specialist mercenary. This is has been spent on a number of planets with many different employers. Much of the last year has been spent as a retainer for Adam Savik on Newhall.

Jon is a small and nondescript Asian man. He carries around several different types of clothing to be able to fit in with various settings, but he frequently wears a black business suit. He carries his main tool, his military sniper rifle, around in the briefcase specifically designed for it. Depending on the situation, he may put the briefcase and other equipment inside a duffel or backpack. He is efficient and serious, always focused intently on getting the job done, whatever it may be.

Jon(ny) "Cash" Hiroshi

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