Robert Huo Tsen



Physical appearance:
Robert Tsen is five foot nine inches tall and looks to be of Asian descent. He has short black messy hair and is usually dressed in earthen tones, complete with boots. He is moderately handsome, or would be if he cared to clean up. He’s muscular but slim, and has decently tan skin. If he ever removes his shirt, there are a number of scars covering his chest and back, though he never really talks about it, brushing it off as “nothing really.”


Rob was born Robert Huo Tsen on the moon Whitefall. When he was born, they were afraid that he was a still born. He didn’t cry, didn’t open his eyes, and didn’t move, even after the usual smacking. But he had a pulse when the doctor checked. Because of this they gave him the middle name Huo, Chinese for alive. From a young age he enjoyed sitting at the dock, watching ships fly in and out of port. His father was a mechanic with his own little shop, fixing small odds and ends that people needed fixed. His mother was a god-fearing housewife, a loving and wonderful mother. He also had a little sister that he really loved, though he’d of course never tell her. Then at the age of twelve his father contracted tuberculosis, followed closely by his younger sister. For the next six months, he did all he could to try and find work and attempted to make up the money that his dad couldn’t bring in. Unfortunately, although his dad wanted him to learn, he never had the same affinity for fixing mechanical things. He began working as a dockhand. His mom also tried to do some work, working as a cashier at a local convenience store. Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep up with the medical bills, and his father and sister passed away. After they were gone, Rob became a delinquent. His mom still worked as a cashier, and the owner of the store became a close friend of the family. Rob, on the other hand, often got into fights and fell in with a gang of ruffians called the Husslers. This is where he began his informal training in martial arts. The gang’s leader, Jennifer Ren, studied with a local kung fu master, but when she started the gang, her master disowned her. She then began teaching all the members of her gang kung fu, and so the main weapon of the gang was fear and their own fists. As each day wore on, Rob and his mom grew further and further apart. At first she expressed her disgust in his involvement in the Husslers, but Rob never listened, and soon they stopped talking to each other, only speaking when absolutely necessary, like at prayer before dinner.

Then the Reavers came. Rob happened to be home at the time, though, and when the siren went off, he was taken aback. He hadn’t heard the siren go off since he was very very young, so he didn’t understand, but his mom immediately did. She grabbed him, and before he understood what was happening, threw him in a cabinet and locked the door. As soon as she had done that, the door burst open and a trio of reavers ran through the door. Rob was too horrified to move, to kick open the door, and sat in the corner of the closet, horrified and scared. Not even covering his ears could stop the sound of his mom’s screaming. The sound of her screaming haunted him for four days as he sat in the cabinet. After four days, a group of people from a local town came to the “rescue”. A man by the name of Harry Norris found him in the cabinet and pulled him out, bringing with him back to his own house. He then helped him to recover from the trauma. After a month, Rob was able to leave the house and interact with people effectively. It turned out that Harry was a kung fu master, and part of Rob’s rehabilitation was facilitated by his apprenticeship to Harry. He learned quickly in that month, especially because all he could think about without lapsing into traumatic episodes was his martial arts training. Two months after the attack, Rob moved out of Harry’s house, thanking him for all that he had done. Rob then found passage on a ship, to no particular destination, and for fare he worked as a deckhand. The ship’s name was Retribution, and after thee destinations Rob had become co-pilot. From there, Rob moved from ship to ship, always as a deckhand or co-pilot, learning from each place.

Robert Huo Tsen

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