Madeline "Maddy" Kemp

Genius Mechanic, Loyal Friend and the One Who Carries the Guns...... lots of guns


Height: 5’ 10”

Eyes: Golden Brown

Hair: Dark Brown

Maximum Life Points: 16

Appearance: Tall and slim, with an athletic build and angular features, there’s some kind of beauty about her that people remember even under the engine greese. Maddy’s brown hair is usually pulled back in a French Braid and she’s usually wearing her heavy boots, engineers trousers and a bold colored shirt under a beat up leather jacket.

Personality: Maddy had it rough during the war, and as such she doesn’t like anything Alliance. She plays her cards close to her chest and doesn’t trust people easily, though once she does it’ll be hard to loose that trust and she’ll defend you till she dies, a trait she says she got from her mother. She’s willing enough to break the law when it comes to smuggling, but she doesn’t like to kill people or sit on the sidelines when people are being mistreated. Even so, she also knows that it’s a hard ‘verse, and she can’t do everything.

Complications:Phobia (needles), Traumatic Flashes, Deadly Enemy, Memorable

Assets: Cortex Specter, Mechanical Empathy, Military Rank


Maddy was born on Hera to a loving mother and a doting older brother, both of whom she was very close to. She led an uneventful childhood, raised on a farm and kept things simple. She learned a little bit of fighting and shooting there in her younger years and her mother considered her a level-headed girl. When she was eighteen her older brother Michael left to join the Independents, both Maddy and her mother supported the Independents and were proud of him when he signed up. Maddy joined a year later as was assigned to a supply/repair ship as a mechanic after basic training. Maddy moved ships a few times and met her best friend, Joesephine Tallard, early on in her military career. They saw a few skirmishes, but nothing to heavy, not until a large space battle where their ship was destroyed and they were forced to make an emergency landing. On the ground Maddy was grabbed by an Alliance bounty hunter known as Baros. Before he handed her over, he tortured Maddy with acupuncture needles and questioned her endlessly, but always politely, despite her low standing in the military. After two weeks Joesephine mounted an illegal rescue operation to get Maddy back. In the process of escaping Maddy cut Baros’ face with her knife and blew up his ship, killing most of his crew. He’s been hunting Maddy ever since and has managed to track her down twice, though he’s failed to capture her. Maddy, severely traumatized after her captivity, was going to be removed from duty when Joesephine stepped in and helped Maddy overcome her experience. Afterwards Maddy sought out Daniel Teng, a security guard on the ship she was stationed on and a Karate Master, for martial arts training. Most of the crew on their ship thought the two were romantically involved, but neither Maddy nor Danny gave these rumors any thought. They split ways six months later when Danny was transferred. Maddy served out the rest of her tour on that ship with Jo.

Maddy was discharged from the Independent Army and returned home to find her brother was killed in the Battle of Serenity and her mother had been executed by Alliance Officials in their home shortly after for aiding wounded Independent soldiers. Maddy took her cloths, her mother’s shotgun, a capture of her family, and a piece of artwork from her home before burning it to the ground. She didn’t look back and went straight to the docks looking for work. She signed on with Captain Aida Bei, but left him six months later when she found out he was an Alliance sub-contractor. Bei left her on Paquin, where she worked on the docks for three weeks before joining meeting Troy Bartlett and signing a contract to work with him. She left that crew after three months because she found out he contracted with the Alliance. There was no animosity about Maddy’s decision and the two are willing to trade favors when the situation calls for it. She got off on Beaumonde and worked as a free-lance repair mechanic at the docks for a few weeks until she signed on the same ship Rob Tsen was piloting. They worked together for a while and he became her first real friend after Jo disappeared following their discharge. After Rob got Maddy out of some smuggling charges she was able to trust him and the two have been friends ever since. All she wants to do is keep away from the Alliance and have enough money in her pocket to keep a ship flying.

Madeline "Maddy" Kemp

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