Moses Abram Waana

Rimworld technician, hacker, and superstitious hoodoo rootworker.


Assets: Cortex Specter (minor: Hacking into systems to delete mention of himself is Moses’s favorite pasttime, and it’s been made easier by the fact that no one on Greenleaf actually knows he survived the explosion that destroyed his house), Religiosity (minor: Catholic Hoodoo), Talented: Hacking (minor)

Complications: Memorable (minor), Superstitious (minor), Ugly as Sin (minor), Ego Signature (minor: After a successful hack, Moses is compelled to leave quotes from the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses and other texts along with other hoodoo imagery in whatever system he has broken into; generally, only another computer technician would find these).

Agility d6 | Strength d6 | Vitality d8 | Alertness d8 | Intelligence d10 | Willpower d6

Maximum Life Points: 14 | Initiative: d8+d6


  • Craft d4
  • Covert d2
  • Discipline d6
    • Concentration d8
  • Guns d6
    • Pistols d8
  • Knowledge d4
  • Mechanical Engineering d2
  • Medical Expertise d6
    • Emergency Medicine d8
  • Perception d6
    • Intuition d10
  • Piloting d6
  • Technical Engineering d6
    • Hacking d12+d4 (includes bonus from Talented: Hacking)
    • Demolitions d8
    • Data Mining d8
    • Computer Programming d12
    • Create/Alter Technical Devices d10
    • Technical Repair d10
  • Scientific Expertise d6
    • Physics d8


  • 674.8 Credits
  • Ballistic Mesh (46C)
  • Vacuum Suit (75C)
  • PK12 Peacekeeper Large Capacity Clip Pistol (30C)
  • Rifle
  • Machete (3.2C)
  • Pistol Ammo x250 (5C)
  • Mining Charge (60C)
  • DataBook (30C)
  • Dedicated Sourcebox (154C)
  • Electronic Toolkit (138C)

Plot Points: 12 | Advancement Points: 4 | Chicken Steps Remaining: 96 by last count


Moses stands a narrow-shouldered, bony 6’4". His body does not look like it was designed to be muscular, and it isn’t – he’s too big to ever be truly weak, but for a man his height his strength is particularly unimpressive. His face is a mismatched patchwork of features, showing his mixed heritage – a large nose from his black mother looks out of place with his half-white, half-Asian father’s deeper-set eyes and thin lips. More noticeable than the individual features is the patina of acne, persistent atopic eczema rashes, and scarring from a serious skin infection in Moses’s childhood that discolor his forehead and cheeks. His hair is a mass of greasy black dreadlocks down to the middle of his back, and is normally tied with a small hoodoo charm. Quickly after meeting Moses, people tend to notice his smell, which is distinct to people who grow herbs, make their own incense, and rarely shower (the smell has been markedly improved since Moses no longer tends chickens as well). His voice is a deep baritone with a distinctive accent, and he tends to enunciate words very clearly.

Moses’s personality is full of contradictions. He does not keep himself or most of his living space clean, but anything of his that he considers important – his electronics, his herbs, his guns, and his religious paraphernalia, for instance – is kept immaculate. He has intense faith in Catholicism and in the power of hoodoo, and even has a number of personal and traditional superstitions, yet he also has access to the powerful analytical mind and experience-tempered training of a dedicated scientist. In most situations, Moses is unassuming, humble, and conservative in his conduct, but while hacking he is freewheeling, reckless, and cocky; the only thing that keeps one of his quick, dirty hacks (and his signature scripture quotes) from being traced back to him is how competent a hacker he is.

Moses Abram Waana

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