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h1. Gui (Ghost)

Dimensions (LxBxH): 191 × 128 × 53 feet.
Tonnage: 2,400 tons.
Speed Class: 4 cruise/8 hard-burn
Crew Quarters: Two double, three single cabins.
Fuel Capacity: 60 tons (600 hours).
Cargo Capacity/Maximum Deck Load:
400/460 tons in hold #1; 100/220 tons in hold #2.
Passenger Capacity: Four double cabins aft of #2 hold.

Healthy as a Horse; Fast Throttle (Major); Everybody Has One; Seen Better Days (Major);

Aerial Transport Operations/Transport d2; Space Transport Operations/Transport d2; Covert d6: Camouflage d8
Complexity: low. Maintenance costs ₡ 4320 a year.
Special Notes:

Firefly Class-03 Model
Commissioned “Ghost”
Multiple Smuggling compartments
“Ghost Panel”-Security and stealth system which is designed to A)Modify readings of most scanners by distorting outgoing radiation and B) Mask outgoing radiation by using wave interferance.

Internal Specs

Bridge:Mostly steel, no paint was applied. It has an alternate blue or red tint depending on if alarms are going off and if there is sunlight filtering though.
Front Hall: Also little paint with a bluish tint because of lighting.
Hallways throughout ship: Two tone steel and blue with a haze of kaki cream depending on what angle you look. The floor is usually steel or steel grating.
Crew Dorms:
Rob: Slate Blue walls with a grey ceiling. The room has all of his personal items, but no art as of yet. He keeps his sword and cleaning kit in his room, along with his other weapons. His sword, if not strapped to his waist, is usually on a small sword holder, with the Chinese words for Responsibility engraved on them. His pistol is usually sitting on the table next to the holder. He also has a small bookshelf with a large number of Earth-that-Was books and knock-off trinkets that he’s found and collected over the years. He’s also got a ratty old well-used pilot’s manual. The rest of the ground is usually strewn with clothes and other paraphernalia, usually stuff that he’d been using just before going to bed. Over his bed he has a picture of a girl, though whenever he’s asked about it, he says he saw her in a bar and stalked her for a few days. He claims her name is Jane. He has a footlocker with a bunch of family pictures, though he never opens it and looks at them. He’s also got a small instant coffee brewer, though it’s not connected, usually getting coffee from the kitchen.
Maddy: Light Sage walls with light brown detailing and a grey ceiling. She has all of her weapons and most of her equipment locked up there. She has a very small old footlocker at her bed, its military issue and has seen better days, it stores some of her cloths and a pair of sandals. On the wall is the Chinese symbol for serenity and a small note “never forget” under it, it is so small you’d have to know it was there to see it. Along with a few books, she keeps a small red candle lit on a shelf and next to it is a picture of her with her mother and brother (in his brown coat). No one has ever seen it because she hides it in her footlocker whenever she leaves the room, not even Rob knows it is there. Among the things she wears is a beat-up leather bracelet, in the box with her evening gown is a golden necklace from Hera that her mother left her.
Marie/Victor: The room is a pleasing shade of dark blue with a grey ceiling and cream detailing. They do not have many things left over from Argos, but each of them have a few sentimental trinkets. Marie keeps all of her doctor equipment in her room until they get an infirmary installed and has a few simple outfits. Among her things are homemade blankets that are each on her and Victor’s bed. Victor has almost no possessions except for a few interesting rocks that he found with amazing texture and other things that don’t make sense to anyone else.
Kitchen and Dining: The Kitchen is a cream color with light suave accents and dark wood paneling which has character, just like the rest of the ship. There is a bare steel table and chairs and not much else just yet, though there are plans to get two tables and more chairs over time. The dishes/cups are mix-matched and chipped in places, but Marie has a list of things that need to be improved upon over time, she managed to bring an old white and navy table runner to make it seem more like home. Marie (I don’t know if she paints, but for this purpose she has a descent hand) put small detail work in abstract lines and swirls in the corners and in other places with the leftover slate blue paint that was used in Rob’s room and the suave accent paint.

Plans: Two woods tables (large one bolted to floor) with wood chairs for the dining table and different chairs for the common area (equipped with safety restraints for emergency landing). Marie is also planning to get better dishes and cookware with other homey attributes.
Back Hall: See hallway description
Engine Room: The engine room is steel, but most of it has rusted a little over time. Maddy keeps most of her tools organized there along with her heavy gloves and Rob’s cutting torch and a fire-extinguisher. The room has a rusty yellow glow because of the light given off from the engine, but when they go for hard burn the glow turns to a bright yellow/white and the room lights up.
Air Lock/Cargo Bay: All of the walls are grey with a little bit of rust here and there. There is a blue tint, except for a small area near the airlock where the red and yellow lights from the airlock control panel shine through or if the airlock is open and the warning lights are going off. In the cargo hold (along with cargo) is Maddy’s vacuum suit and other assorted tools to large to store in the engine room.
Cargo Bay 2: Steel walls and floor with a single strip of lighting, blue tint. Plans: Install a modular infirmary
Passenger Dorms: The dorms are yellow with cream and brown detailing. The beds are made up with plain cream sheets of descent quality and have dark brown wool blankets. Each room has a yellow light and a retractable toilet/sink.
Common Area near dorms: There is no furniture yet but the walls have been painted cream like the kitchen with blue details. The ceiling is steel grey, as is the floor. Marie is planning to have a few couches/other furniture bought in the near future for the room.

Real Identification Serial:

Fake Identification Serial:



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