Right now this page is a trial run until I get all of my info together and sorted. This is a fun tool that I would like to use, at least so we can keep track of details in this universe (particularly names after a hiatus). I’m gonna try to post more and more here, but mostly you’ll get info in session (re-caps and whatnot).
Infamous Quotes:
“I’d hate to shoot an unarmed man.” -John

“Boooooommmmmmbbbbb! On the Shhhhhhiiiiiipppppp!”-Rob

“I worship Jesus. The chicken helps.” -Moses

“Then you’re not busy. You’re with me.” -Marie

Maddie: “But I don’t think you have a bathing suit.”
Moses: ”...oh right. That’s a problem here.”

Moses: “So we’ll go there in either way and stop them from coming for our friends. And then Rob will get challenged to a duel and shot in the head.”
Maddie: “I’m beginning not to mind…”

“Why does every plan end up with us dead?!” -Marie

“I am not supposed to be under a rock. I am the rock, the one that crushes other people.” -Bartlett

“I have more ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ cards than there are jails!” -Bartlett

Rob: “Any suggestions?”
Maddie: “Yes, but you’re not gonna like it…”
Rob: “I love it when I don’t like it!”

Rob: “HEY, MADDIE?!”
Maddie: “What?”

“The Protestants know nothing about exorcism.” -Moses


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